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Display Industry Events

We hope to maintain a very comprehensive calendar of events of interest to those in the displays industry.  If can have any additions or corrections, please let us know at mark@veritasetvisus.com.

 January 2011

January 4-5 Storage Visions Conference Las Vegas, Nevada

January 5-7 Digital Hollywood CES Las Vegas, Nevada

January 6-9 2011 International CES Las Vegas, Nevada

January 19-20 NEPCON World Japan Tokyo, Japan

January 19-21 LED/OLED Lighting Technology Expo Tokyo, Japan
January 19-21 NEPCON World Japan Tokyo, Japan

January 19-21 Photovoltaics Summit Phoenix, Arizona

January 22-26 Tangible, Embedded, and embodied Interaction Funchal, Portugal

January 22-27 Photonics West 2011 San Francisco, California

January 23-27 Electronic Imaging 2011 San Francisco, California

January 24-27 Stereoscopic Displays and Applications San Francisco, California

January 25-27 ICE Totally Gaming London, England

January 25-29 MacWorld Expo San Francisco, California

January 26-27 DisplaySearch Japan Forum Tokyo, Japan

January 26-28 Semicon Korea Seoul, Korea

January 31 - February 3 Nanomaterials, Nanofabrication, and Organic Electronics Adelaide, Australia

 February 2011

February 1-3 Integrated Systems Europe Amsterdam, Holland

February 1-3 Imagina 2011 Monaco

February 4 Organic Displays, Lighting, & Electronics Los Angeles, California

February 6-11 European Conference on Liquid Crystals Maribor, Slovenia
February 7-10 Flexible Electronics and Displays Conference Phoenix, Arizona
February 12-17 Medical Imaging Orlando, Florida

February 13-16 Intelligent User Interfaces Palo Alto, California

February 15 Displays for Challenging Environments Warwick, England

February 15-17 Broadcast Video Expo London, England
February 15-18 Hollywood Post Alliance 2011 Tech Retreat Rancho Mirage, California
February 18-20 Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics and Games San Francisco, California
February 22 Smart TV Evolution Korea Seoul, Korea

February 22-25 Digital Signage Expo Las Vegas, Nevada
February 23-28 Advances in Computer-Human Interactions Gosier, Guadeloupe
February 25-27 Sound & Vision 2011 Bristol, England
February 28 - March 4 Game Developers Conference San Francisco, California

 March 2011

March 1-2 US FPD Conference San Diego, California
March 1-2 Over-the-Top TV & Video San Jose, California
March 1-4 LED China 2011 Guangzhou, China
March 1-4 Sign China 2011 Guangzhou, China
March 1-5 CeBIT 2011 Hanover, Germany
March 2-3 Electronic Displays Conference 2011 Nuremberg, Germany

March 2-4 PV Expo 2011 Tokyo, Japan
March 3 Createasphere/Entertainment Technology Exposition Universal City, California
March 3-4 International Thin-Film Transistor Conference 2011 Cambridge, England

March 5-7 International Conference on Imaging Theory and Applications Algarve, Portugal
March 6-9 Focus on Imaging Birmingham, England
March 7-9

DVB World

Nice, France
March 8-9

uv.eb West

Santa Clara, California
March 8-10

Air Traffic Control

Amsterdam, Holland
March 10-11 SID - ME Spring Meeting Seeheim, Germany

March 10-11 Membrane Switch and Advanced Functional Printing Dusseldorf, Germany
March 14 Silicon Chip Industry Training Seminar London, England
March 14-18 2011 Measurement Science Conference Pasadena, California

March 15-17 FPD China Shanghai, China

March 15-17 Laser World of Photonics China Shanghai, China
March 17-19 EHX Spring Orlando, Florida
 March 19-20 Symposium on 3D User Interfaces Singapore
 March 19-23 Virtual Reality 2011 Singapore
March 22-24 Phosphors Summit San Antonio, Texas
March 22-24 Image Sensors Europe London, England
March 23 Korea FPD Conference Seoul, Korea
March 28-31 Cinemacon Las Vegas, Nevada

 April 2011

April 4-6 Smart Fabrics 2011 London, England
April 4-8 MIPTV Cannes, France

April 5-6 Printed Electronics Europe Dusseldorf, Germany

April 5-6 Photovoltaics Europe Dusseldorf, Germany

April 5-7 Photovoltaic Technology Show Stuttgart, Germany
April 6-10 Laval Virtual Laval, France

April 9-14 NAB 2011 Las Vegas, Nevada

April 10-12 Global FPD Partners Conference Hyogo, Japan
April 12-14 Sign UK/Digital Signage Showcase Birmingham, England
April 13-14 International Eye Tracking Conference Reno, Nevada
April 13-15 FineTech Japan & Display 2011 Tokyo, Japan
April 13-15 Touch Panel Japan Tokyo, Japan
April 14-15 2011 Taiwan FPD Conference Taipei, Taiwan

April 19-20 Intelligent Video Conference Los Angeles, California
April 22 DisplaySearch Japan Forum Tokyo, Japan

April 22 Backlighting Asia Seoul, Korea

April 25-29 SPIE Defense, Security, and Sensing Orlando, Florida

April 25-26 Interactive Displays 2011 Sacramento, California

April 27-28 Digital Signage Show 2011 San Francisco, California

April 27-28 3D Gaming Summit Universal City, California
April 28-30 International Sign Expo Las Vegas, Nevada

 May 2011

May 3 The Power of LEDs San Jose, California
May 3-4 Smart Lighting 2011 Dusseldorf, Germany
May 3-6 International Conference on Animation, Effects, Games, and Digital Media Stuttgart, Germany
May 6-8 China Optoelectronics and Display EXPO Shenzhen, China
May 7-12 CHI 2011 Vancouver, British Columbia
May 9-11 Digital Holography and Three Dimensional Imaging Tokyo, Japan

May 10-12 SEMICON Singapore Singapore
May 11-13 CEDIA Expo Asia Pacific Sydney, Australia

May 15-20 SID International Symposium Los Angeles, California

May 16 SID Business Conference Los Angeles, California


May 18 Touch and Interactivity Los Angeles, California

May 18 Green Displays Los Angeles, California

May 19 eBook Market Evolution Los Angeles, California

May 16-18 3DTV-CON 2011 Antalya, Turkey

May 17-18 London, England London, England

May 18-19 Screen Media Expo Europe London, England

May 19-20 DisplaySearch China FPD TV and HDTV Conference Shenzhen, China

May 23-26 Laser World of Photonics Munich, Germany
May 24-26 Dimension3 Expo Seine Saint Denis, France
May 24-26 Digital Signage Expo 2011 Essen, Germany

May 25-27 Graphics Interface 2011 St. John's, Newfoundland

May 25-27 Conference on Intelligent Technologies for Interactive Entertainment Genova, Italy

May 31 - June 2 CeBIT Australia Sydney, Australia

May 31 - June 3 EuroVis 2011 / Eurographics Bergen, Norway
May 31 - June 4 Computex 2011 Taipei, Taiwan

 June 2011

June 2-5 SIIM 2011 Washington, DC

June 6 Silicon Chip Industry Training Seminar London, England
June 7-9 E3 Media and Business Summit Los Angeles, California

June 8-9 Ink Jet Technology Showcase Barcelona Spain

June 9-10 Digital Signage Show Australia 2011 Sydney, Australia

June 11-14 Toronto International Stereoscopic 3D Conference Toronto, Canada

June 11-17 InfoComm '11 Orlando, Florida

June 13-14 Projection Summit Orlando, Florida

June 13-16 Nanotech Conference & Expo Boston, Massachusetts

June 14 Infocomm DisplaySearch Digital Signage Conference Orlando, Florida


June 14-16 Photonics Festival: OPTO Taiwan , SOLAR, LED Lighting, Optics Taipei, Taiwan
June 14-16 SEMICON Russia 2011 Moscow, Russia

June 14-16 SGIA Printed Electronics and Membrane Switch Symposium San Jose, California

June 20 Mobile Imaging and Display Korea Seoul, Korea

June 20-22 Smart Lighting Value Chain Summit Santa Clara, California

June 20-23 Web3D Paris, France

June 21 The Nanotechnology Advances for Plastics Electronics Workshop Guildford, England

June 21-22 International Conference on Stereoscopic 3D for Media and Entertainment New York, New York

June 21-24 CEDIA Expo Europe London, England
June 21-24 OLED Expo 2011 Seoul, Korea

June 21-24 LED & Solid State Lighting Expo Seoul, Korea

June 22-24 3D & Virtual Reality Expo Tokyo, Japan
June 22-24 Electronic Materials Conference Santa Barbara, California
June 22-24 Haptics Symposium Istanbul, Turkey

June 27-30 Cinema Expo Amsterdam, Holland
June 28 Close Look into the Touch Panel Market San Jose, California
June 28-30 LOPE-C  -- Large Area, Organic and Printed Electronics Convention Frankfurt, Germany

June 29 - July 1 EuroITV 2011 Lisbon, Portugal

 July 2011

July 4-7 International Conference on Materials Chemistry Manchester, England
July 7-10 SINOCES Qingdao, China
July 9-14 HCI International Orlando, Florida
July 11-13 International Symposium on Flexible Organic Electronics Thessaloniki, Greece
July 12-13 Stereoscopic 3D Today Seefeld, Germany

July 12-14 Intersolar North America San Francisco, California

July 12-14 Semicon West 2011 San Francisco, California
June 12-15 International Symposium on Wearable Computers San Francisco, California
July 12-18 National Stereoscopic Association Convention Loveland, Colorado
July 13-16 Nanosciences & Nanotechnologies Thessaloniki, Greece
July 15 Touch Screen Korea Seoul, Korea

July 19-22 SMPTE Australia Sydney, Australia

July 20-21 China International Touch Screen Exhibition & Seminar Shanghai, China
July 20-22 China International Flat Panel Display Exhibition Shanghai, China
July 26-27 The LED Show Las Vegas, Nevada

July 27-28 Japan Forum Tokyo, Japan

 August 2011

August 7-11 SIGGRAPH 2011 Vancouver, British Columbia
August 16-17 Emerging Technologies Conference San Jose, California
August 18 Transparent Conductors Workshop San Jose, California

August 21-23 Australasian Gaming Expo Sydney, Australia

August 21-25 SPIE Optics+Photonics San Diego, California

August 24-26 European Conference on Cognitive Ergonomics Rostock, Germany
August 26-31 Latin Display Itajuba, Brazil
August 29 - September 2 International Conference on Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals Niagara Falls, Ontario
August 30 - September 2 Mobile HCI 2011 Stockholm, Sweden

 September 2011

September 2-7 IFA 2011 Berlin, Germany

September 2 IFA DisplaySearch Business Conference Berlin, Germany

September 5 Silicon Chip Industry Training Seminar London, England
September 5-6 Organic Electronics UK London, England

September 7-9 Semicon Taiwan Taipei, Taiwan

September 7-10 CEDIA Expo Indianapolis, Indiana
September 8-9 China FPD Shanghai, China

September 9-13 IBC 2011 Amsterdam, Netherlands

September 13-16 PLASA '11 London, England
September 19-22 Eurodisplay / IDRC Bordeaux, France
September 20-22 3D Gaming Summit Hollywood, California
September 20-22 3D Entertainment Summit Hollywood, California
September 20-23 HCI 2011 Tokyo, Japan
September 22-23 Createasphere/Entertainment Technology Exposition New York, New York
September 26-28 OLEDs World Summit San Francisco, California
September 27-28 RFID Europe Cambridge, England
September 29-30 eReaders 2011 San Francisco, California

 October 2011

October 2-6 International Conference on Digital Printing Technologies Minneapolis, Minnesota
October 2-6 Digital Fabrication 2011 Minneapolis, Minnesota
October 4-8 CEATAC Japan 2011 Tokyo, Japan

October 6-9 CeBIT Bilisim EurAsia Istanbul, Turkey

October 10-13 Taipei Int'l Electronics Autumn Show Taipei, Taiwan

October 11-13 Semicon Europa 2011 Dresden, Germany

October 11-13 Plastic Electronics 2011 Dresden, Germany
October 11-14 Korea Electronics Show Seoul, Korea

October 11-15 IMID Seoul, Korea

October 13-15 Viscom Dusseldorf, Germany

October 13-16 ElectronicAsia 2011 Hong Kong, China

October 16=20 Frontiers in Optics San Jose, California

October 17-20 Solar Power International Dallas, Texas
October 20-21 Symposium on Vehicle Displays Dearborn, Michigan

October 23-26 AIMCAL Fall Technical Conference Reno, Nevada

October 24-26 LEDs 2011 San Diego, California

October 24-27 Showeast Miami, Florida

October 24-27 SMPTE 2011 Hollywood, California

October 26-28 FPD International Yokohama, Japan

October 26-28 Green Device 2011 Yokohama, Japan

 November 2011

November 2-3 Createasphere/Entertainment Technology Exposition Burbank, California
November 2-4 Solid State and Organic Lighting Austin, Texas

November 3 International Symposium on Emerging and Industrial DLP Applications Frankfurt, Germany

November 3-5 Viscom Milan, Italy

November 6-9 China Display / Asia Display 2011 Kunshan, China
November 7-8 WCPC Annual Technical Conference Swansea, Wales
November 7-11 Color Imaging Conference 2011 San Jose, California


November 8-10 SATIS 2011 Paris, France

November 9-10 UK Plastic Electronics Show Birmingham, England

November 9-11 VISION 2011 Stuttgart, Germany

November 15-17 Flexible & Stretchable Electronics Workshop Berlin, Germany

November 15-17 Digital Hollywood Fall New York, New York

November 16-17 Digital Signage World ASIA Singapore

November 16-18 International Workshop on Flexible & Printable Electronics Muju, Korea
November 18 Future of Television East New York, New York
November 21 Silicon Chip Industry Training Seminar London, England
November 24-26 China International Touch Screen Exhibition & Seminar Shanghai, China
November 28 - December 1 ACM Multimedia 2011 Scottsdale, Arizona
November 30 - December 1 Printed Electronics US Santa Clara, California
November 30 - December 2 Ecosystems for Solid State Lighting Washington, DC

December 2011

December 6-8 CineAsia Hong Kong, China
December 7-8 Touch, Gesture, Motion Austin, Texas
December 7-9 International Displays Workshops Nagoya, Japan
December 7-9 SEMICON Japan Tokyo, Japan
December 7-9 The European Stereo-3D Summit for Science, Technology and Digital Art Liege, Belgium
December 8-10 Workshop on Liquid Crystals for Photonics Nagoya, Japan
December 12-15 SIGGRAPH Asia Hong Kong, China