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Display Industry Events

We hope to maintain a very comprehensive calendar of events of interest to those in the displays industry.  If can have any additions or corrections, please let us know at mark@veritasetvisus.com.

 January 2018

January 8-12 Digital Hollywood CES Las Vegas, Nevada

January 9-12 2018 International CES Las Vegas, Nevada

January 11-16 International Conference on Imaging Theory and Applications Nashville, Tennessee
January 17-19 NEPCON World Japan Tokyo, Japan

January 24 China International Quantum Dots Summit Shanghai, China
January 24 Vehicle Display China Shanghai, China
January 25 China International OLEDs Summit Shanghai, China
January 25 Printed & Flexible Electronics China Shanghai, China
January 27- February 1 Photonics West 2018 San Francisco, California

January 28 - February 1 Electronic Imaging 2018 Burlingame, California

January 28 - February 1 Stereoscopic Displays and Applications Burlingame, California

January 30-31 Emerging Technologies That Matter Singapore

January 31 - February 2 Semicon Korea Seoul, Korea

 February 2018

February 6-8 ICE Totally Gaming London, England

February 6-9 Integrated Systems Europe Amsterdam, Netherlands

February 7-9 Augmented Human Conference Seoul, Korea
February 10-15 Medical Imaging Houston, Texas

February 12-15 FLEX Monterey, California

February 13-15 Strategies in Light Long Beach, California
February 14-16 Printable Electronics Tokyo, Japan
February 19-23 Hollywood Post Alliance 2018 Tech Retreat Palm Desert, California
February 23-35 Sound & Vision 2018 Bristol, England
February 24 - March 1 APEX Expo San Diego, California

February 27 - March 1 Broadcast Video Expo London, England
February 28 - March 1 Electronic Displays Conference 2018 Nuremberg, Germany

February 28 - March 2 PV Expo 2018 Tokyo, Japan

 March 2018

March 6-8

Smart Materials

Osaka, Japan
March 7-11 Intelligent User Interfaces Tokyo, Japan

March 12-14 Phosphor Global Summit San Diego, California
March 12-14

DVB World

Warsaw, Poland
March 13-14 Wearable Technology Show London, England
March 13-15 LOPE-C  -- Large Area, Organic and Printed Electronics Convention Munich, Germany

March 14-15 Image Sensors Europe London, England
March 14-16 FPD China Shanghai, China

March 14-16 Quantum Dots San Diego, California

March 18-21 Tangible, Embedded, and embodied Interaction Stockholm, Sweden

 March 18-22 Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces Reutlingen, Germany
March 19-23

Game Developers Conference

San Francisco, California
March 20-23 2017 Measurement Science Conference Anaheim, California

March 21-24 International Sign Expo Orlando, Florida
March 22-23 International Conference on Organic Electronics Singapore
March 24-25 Image Sensors Auto Europe Munich, Germany
March 25-28 Haptics Symposium San Francisco, California

March 25-29 Advances in Computer-Human Interactions Rome, Italy
March 27-30 Digital Signage Expo Las Vegas, Nevada

 April 2018

April 3-5 2018 China VR&AR Fair and Summit Guangzhou, China
April 4-8 LAVAL Virtual Laval, France
April 7-12 NAB 2017 Las Vegas, Nevada

April 9-12 MIPTV Cannes, France

April 11-12 Printed Electronics Europe Berlin, Germany

April 11-13 Infocomm China Beijing, China

April 15-19 SPIE Defense, Security, and Sensing Orlando, California

April 16-20 Eurographics Delft, Netherlands
April 21-26 CHI 2018 Montreal, Quebec
April 23-26 Cinemacon Las Vegas, Nevada
April 24-25 Image Sensors Automotive Munich, Germany
April 24-26 Sign UK/Digital Signage Showcase Birmingham, England
April 24-27 International Conference on Animation, Effects, Games, and Digital Media Stuttgart, Germany

 May 2018

May 8-10 SEMICON Southeast Asia Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
May 8-11 Graphics Interface 2018 Toronto, Ontario

May 13-16 Nanotech Conference & Expo Anaheim, California

May 15-17 CeBIT Australia Sydney, Australia

May 15-18 European Sign Expo Berlin, Germany

May 20-25 SID International Symposium Los Angeles, California

May 21-24 SID Display Week Business Track Los Angeles, California
May 22-24 Embedded Vision Summit Santa Clara, California

May 22-24 TecnoMultimedia Infocomm Brasil Sao Paulo, Brazil

May 31 - June 1 Augmented World Expo Santa Clara, California
May 31 - June 2 SIIM 2018 National Harbor, Maryland

 June 2018

June 2-8 InfoComm '18 Las Vegas, Nevada

June 4-6 Functional Printing, Process and Products Conference Itasca, Illinois
June 5-9 Computex 2018 Taipei, Taiwan
June 11-14 CineEurope Barcelona, Spain
June 11-15 CeBIT 2018 Hanover, Germany
June 12-14 E3 Media and Business Summit Los Angeles, California

June 13-15 CES Asia Shanghai, China

June 13-15 World Congress of Advanced Materials Xiamen, China

June 19-22 Interaction Design and Children Trondheim, Norway
June 20-22 3D & Virtual Reality Expo Tokyo, Japan
June 25-28 Digital Holography and Three Dimensional Imaging Orlando, Florida

June 26-28 Sensors Expo & Conference San Jose, California

June 26-28 OLED Expo 2018 Seoul, Korea

June 26-28 LED Expo 2018 Seoul, Korea

June 26-30 Collaborative Conference on Materials Research 2018 Seoul, Korea

June 27-29 China International Touch Screen Exhibition & Seminar Shanghai, China
June 27-29 Virtual Reality Summit Seoul, Korea
August 29-31 Photonics Festival: OPTO Taiwan , SOLAR, LED Lighting, Optics Taipei, Taiwan
June 30 - July 7 International Symposium on Flexible Organic Electronics Thessaloniki, Greece